6-Week Group Coaching Sprint Overview

Moving from unwilling to capable in 6 weeks

Time Commitment:

  • Group Coaching Calls online (90 minutes per week for 6 weeks)
    • Date & Time will be determined when group is filled
  • Individual Coaching with Brooke
    • 30- minute individual touch base each week to discuss mandate/progress – Schedule with text or email
  • Total number of hours per week: 2-3 hours including group calls, calls with Brooke, additional next steps/work assigned

6-Week Coaching Sprint Overview:

  • Week 1: Designing your Goal (Let’s dream)
  • Week 2: Self-Limiting Beliefs (What’s not working)
  • Week 3: Unfinished Business (What’s incomplete)
  • Week 4: Forgiveness (Betrayal/Strongholds)
  • Week 5: Making it Happen (Prices, Rewards, Resources)
  • Week 6: Finishing Well (Capable)

**Next Step: Define the plan for one 6-week specific/measurable goal and stick to the commitment. 

Ground Rules of Group Coaching:

  1. I commit to fully engage and participate.
  2. I commit to confidentiality, which means obtaining permission from others in order to share their experiences outside the group.
  3. I commit to sharing myself in such a way that respects the amount of time we have and allows others time to share their experience and/or thoughts as well.
  4. I commit to complete the homework assignments as assigned.
  5. I commit to making contact with my coach as mutually agreed upon.
  6. I commit to completing the 6-week coaching sprint with Brooke

How to Pay:

  • One time price of $399 (due by group start date) – Brooke will email coaching agreement with details

Email brookesaranorton@gmail.com if you are ready to take the next step towards transformation!