This One Is For The Valorous


This word has given me identity over the last handful of years. For some reason, this one word resonates with me so much. It speaks to me. It gives life to my past and defines who I want to become. Someday, when I actually have the guts to get a tattoo, it will be the mark I place on my body for life! 

So, what does valor mean anyways?! It’s defined as, “Great courage in the face of danger!” It’s a kind of determination. It’s boldness and bravery when get the deck is stacked against you. 

I first learned of this word in Scripture when I was reading in the book of Proverbs. I was taking a closer look into Proverbs 31. Which as a woman, I tend to have a love/hate relationship with these few verses. How could a modern woman subscribe to all of these virtues?! It seemed so unattainable to fit this perfect standard of a woman. And as I studied deeper into Scripture, I learned that Proverbs 31 is not a domestic to do list but rather the accomplishments of a woman who is valorous. This passage was not written to limit women in what they can do but celebrate women in their everyday lives. It’s as if the phrase, “Woman of Valor” in the Jewish culture translates into “Get it Girl” in our present-day culture. 

I happen to just have a picture above my desk that says, “valorous” so that when I sit down for work each day, it’s a daily reminder to slow down, breathe, and pursue Jesus even in the midst of my deepest fears and insecurity. 

I have this friend in my life who knows me so well! One day, I showed up at Life Group and she presented me with this cup. The cup had a lion’s face coming out of the front of the cup. She told me that this was my valorous cup. And each time I come to Life Group, I use that cup as a reminder to be bold! This is also the friend that continues to send me a text saying I am a woman of valor when she wants to celebrate me. 

I wanted to take a moment a celebrate women who exhibit valor…

To the women who use their voices to break the silence of abuse… You are a woman of valor. 

To the women to have been oppressed with shame and you’ve had the bravery to tell someone… You are a woman of valor. 

To the women who are fleeing from their own countries with their families to find refuge… You are a woman of valor. 

To the women who’ve experienced loss in any capacity but you shook off the fear in front of you…You are a woman of valor. 

To the women in my life who have broken down all stereotypes and live in the identity Jesus has given you… You are a woman of valor. 

To the women in my life who have dreamt of marriage since the age of 5 and it hasn’t happened for them, keep your head up. You are a woman of valor. 

To the women who are mothers… enough said. You are a woman of valor! 

To the women who have been plagued with disease and chronic pain…You are a woman of valor. 

To the women who don’t know if their marriage will last another day but you fight to be brave… You are a woman of valor. 

To the women who face racism or sexism in your schools or your work place… You are a woman of valor. 

To the young women in my life who are uncertain of their futures but your faith in Jesus is the only stable thing in your life… You are a woman of valor.

We see you. We notice you. We commend you. Be people of valor that are empowered to live and walk confidently in the name of Jesus!