Welcome To My Website

My name is Brooke Norton & welcome to my site! As human beings, we are all a work in progress with unique stories. Your story matters. You matter. If you are here to simply stop by & read my personal blog, I welcome you. Perhaps you want transformation in your life. If that’s you, thanks for being here, and feel free to explore my website for coaching possibilities.

Beauty from Ashes

Church. When you hear that word, what comes to mind? What emotions are provoked? Do you recall memories? Good or not so good. What words and images appear in your imagination? Has church caused you damage? Has it been your hope? Both of those things. What part does it play in your greater relationship with God?

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A Nurtured Behavior

For those of you who been following my journey, I am in the process of being certified as a Spiritual Life Coach. Acquiring skills to coach others to produce results that they haven’t yet been able to see. Our coaches in this training have been hard at work exposing habits that we’ve created that may need to change. Leave it to the last week of coaching to unmask a behavior that I have been nurturing for way too long. 

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How Do You Wear Your Affliction

My husband came home for lunch this week and the first thing he did was go smell all the candles in our house. At first, I raised my eyebrows and then it dawned on me that he was checking to see if he could still smell because he thought he might have Covid. Now before I go any further, this is a regular occurrence in our house. You may be just like us… Covid has had a way of convincing us that even an eyelash stuck in our eye, could be this virus.

Prior to him coming home for lunch, I was working my way through 2 Corinthians 4. I hardly ever come to my spouse with a need to share these types of things but this time felt different. I grabbed my journal and read…

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When Disorientation Leads to Redirection

Well, here we are in our first month of 2021 friends! Welcome to my personal website! You will find previous blogs posted below that I have written over the last few years. Today, I find myself publicly writing for the first time in quite a while. And for the first time ever, it’s my own platform and my own voice. 

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Be the Sisterhood

My whole life, my best friend and I dressed alike. We would walk into a room and look down at one another to notice we were both wearing the same sweater from the Gap. To this day, she teases me because we all know who wore it first. She’s right you know. She wore it first. I was the copycat. I wanted to dress just like her. Be just like her. She was my best friend and she held a very high standing in my life. 

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Wake Up

Have you ever felt stifled to embrace the calling God has placed on your life? By that I mean, can you pinpoint a moment in your life when it seemed almost impossible to step fully into the goodness that God desired for you? I’ve been listening to a song lately by Jonathan David and Melissa Helser called, Cageless Birds. In this song, these talented musicians challenge me to adopt the mindset that I am free in Christ. 

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This One Is For The Valorous


This word has given me identity over the last handful of years. For some reason, this one word resonates with me so much. It speaks to me. It gives life to my past and defines who I want to become. Someday, when I actually have the guts to get a tattoo, it will be the mark I place on my body for life! 

So, what does valor mean anyways?! It’s defined as, “Great courage in the face of danger!” It’s a kind of determination. It’s boldness and bravery when get the deck is stacked against you. 

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Little Girl Arise

Christmas has come to an end. There are hundreds of little tasks to do including taking down the Christmas tree, putting away the lights, and organizing your gifts. Worst of all, you have to start thinking about the New Year. Tis’ the season of trying to get back in shape again. Maybe you have a goal to be more confident in your work place. Perhaps you want to carve out time in your schedule to spend with the people that mean the most to you. The start of a New Year just confirms that you should have accomplished more in the previous year. Am I right?! You reminisce about the days in which you had all the energy in the world. You daydream about how you used to finish your to-do lists. You used to dream big! So what happened?!

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